DNS Resolvers – DNSSEC

We are approaching deployment of a new fleet of DNS resolvers and there are a few questions that we would like feedback from the wider ITSS community. Specifically this post is broaching the subject of DNSSEC. Just to be clear, … Continue reading

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DNS troubleshooting

I thought I’d write a quick reference for support staff not familiar with DNS troubleshooting The basics: DNS requests query a server to ask, for instance, what the IP address of a website is, when all you know is the … Continue reading

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DNSSEC first steps

DNSSEC is a security extension to the Domain Name System which offers origin authentication of DNS data data integrity authenticated denial of existence This is useful in helping to protect against attacks such as DNS cache poisoning. Information on DNSSEC … Continue reading

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Relaxing the DNS CNAME rules (a little)

In the University we have a web tool which allows IT Staff to update parts of the DNS covering their own unit. It’s a simple tool which we hope one day to replace, but serves well enough for most cases … Continue reading

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