Hydra: Token authentication

Hydra is the name for the central IPAM at the University of Oxford. To those of you that did not know this, I will suggest that you may stop reading further as this blog post is not for you. Right, … Continue reading

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Hydra DHCP migration: what, when, why and how

This post assumes you know about the University’s central DHCP provision and have some interest in its migration to a new management platform. Towards the end of 2019 the DNS management platform for University of Oxford migrated to a custom-built … Continue reading

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eduroam 802.1X deviceauth refresh

Do you recognize the following web form? If you don’t then you can stop reading. If you do then, even if you haven’t had occasion to fill it in often, please read on as there are changes coming. Above is … Continue reading

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OWL Visitor refresh

This post aims to give a bit more background and detail around the announcement to IT Support Staff regarding the forthcoming refresh to the OWL Visitor service. What are we doing? We’re replacing the captive portal component of the service.  … Continue reading

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Hydra – a new DNS/IPAM platform

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Hydra – our new DNS and IP Address Management platform. This will replace the current DNS web management tool.   Timetable The last DNS update for the current system will be … Continue reading

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The Clam Closes

We use a lot of open source software in our team and we try to contribute a little back to the community when we can.  The central mail relay, Oxmail, had been using ClamAV since sometime between 2003 and 2005 … Continue reading

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eduroam and realmless usernames

IT Services’s user-facing instructions for connecting to eduroam have always been unequivocal about the username to use: if you want to connect to eduroam, your username is your SSO with @ox.ac.uk appended on at the end, all lower case. So, … Continue reading

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The University’s mail relays and encryption

By the time this post has been published, the Oxmail relays will most likely be using opportunistic encryption to encrypt outgoing emails, in response to actions by cloud mail providers. However, we would like to make it clear that we … Continue reading

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DNS Resolvers – DNSSEC

We are approaching deployment of a new fleet of DNS resolvers and there are a few questions that we would like feedback from the wider ITSS community. Specifically this post is broaching the subject of DNSSEC. Just to be clear, … Continue reading

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FreeRADIUS, sql_log, PostgreSQL and upserting

While this is superficially a post for creating an upsert PostgreSQL query for FreeRADIUS’s sql_log module, I felt the problem was general enough to warrant an explanation as to what CTEs can do. As such, the post should be of … Continue reading

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