eduroam 802.1X deviceauth refresh

Do you recognize the following web form? If you don’t then you can stop reading. If you do then, even if you haven’t had occasion to fill it in often, please read on as there are changes coming. Above is … Continue reading

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eduroam and realmless usernames: an update

You may be aware that the University of Oxford will shortly be mandating fully qualified usernames for eduroam, explained and for reasons discussed in a previous blog post. This post is intended as a followup, highlighting how we’re intending on … Continue reading

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Linux and eduroam: RADIUS

A service separate from, but tightly coupled to, eduroam is our RADIUS service. This is the service that authenticates a user, making sure that the username and password typed into the password dialog box (or WPA supplicant) is correct. Authorization … Continue reading

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