Visitor Network account lifetime

Several comments on my recent post about updates to the Visitor Network Account Management tool requested an increase of the maximum account lifetime. Whilst this is more of a policy change than a feature update to the tool, and hence … Continue reading

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Updates to the Visitor Network Account Management Tool

Note: this post relates to a private service for University of Oxford IT Support Staff. It’s been some time since the Visitor Network account management tool, which you use to create network access accounts for visitors to the University, has … Continue reading

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Logging from iptables

We recently had a problem to troubleshoot on the wireless network, which was quickly resolved through simply having effective logging from iptables. In case you didn’t know, iptables has a LOG target which can direct messages to the local syslog … Continue reading

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Wireless – what could possibly go wrong?!

I love this slide from a Troubleshooting Wireless Networks talk I attended last week. It says a lot about how difficult it is to tackle trouble tickets of the “client can’t connect to network” variety.

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Fixing the iPhone OS WiFi auto-login problem

Some time ago, shortly after iPhone OS 3.0 was released, we received a number of reports from users that our VPN-based wireless service had become unusable. For those not familiar with this service, OWL is one of our local wireless … Continue reading

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OWL Phase 2 WAP, Oxpoints integration

When OWL Phase 2 funding was given we were asked to quickly put together a database table and front end so that IT support staff could register access points. We were aware at the time that the schema was going … Continue reading

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Wireless Application Firewall

In order to prevent ‘Location Independent Network’ abuse resulting in C&D orders landing on the desks of ITSS, we’ve recently added an Allot Netenforcer to the backend of eduroam and OWL. It will be configured to block P2P traffic and … Continue reading

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