Visitor Network Account Management (enhancements update)

Note: this post relates to a private service for University of Oxford IT Support Staff.

Some time back I published a list of proposed updates to the Visitor Network account management web tool, and asked for feedback. Based on that article the first major phase of work is now complete, so I’m pleased to say that you’ll now find the tool has these improvements:

  • A note about there being a max. of 300 accounts when auto/bulk generating
  • Auto-generated account names have leading zeros so they can sort correctly in a list
  • Password generation rules tweaked so they don’t begin or end with a symbol (non-alphanum) or have repeating symbols
  • The 14 day one-off account lifetime-limit now really is 14 days (and not 13d 45m)
  • There is a confirmation dialog box when deleting a group containing still-valid accounts
  • IP accounting fixed so we have byte counts both in and out once again
  • Ability to upload a list of visitor names when bulk generating accounts (as alternative to auto-generated names)
  • Ability to download comma separated list of the account names and credentials within a custom group
  • The default end time for groups and users is now one day in the future
  • Freedom to use any characters in the text fields of the form
  • Clicking enable/disable/delete remembers your place in the tool when the action is complete
  • A calendar date-picker widget to ease selection of start/end dates
  • Improved auditing shows who last edited a group, and we keep 90 days’ logs of admin tool activity

In addition, we’ve set up a RADIUS service hosting the Visitor Network account credentials. This means you can use the Visitor Network accounts and web admin tool simply as a back-end to your own log-in portal or other authentication system, as you wish. For further information please see our registration tool.

I hope you’ll find these enhancements as welcome as I do personally! Please let me know via if you spot any bugs.

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