Sakai and instructional practices

From Sakai newsletter, September 10, 2009

New Sakai Initiative Focused on “Instructional Visioning”

Following the 10th International Sakai Conference in Boston this past July, a diverse set of community members representing UX, Teaching and Learning, Portfolio, and others have been working to organize a new effort focused on the need to find new ways for our community to discuss, identify and document the types of instructional practices that Sakai needs to support now and into the near as well as distant future. In order to begin work on this new effort, the weekly Sakai Teaching and Learning phone conference is being rescheduled as well as refocused on this issue.

Any and all members of the Sakai Community are welcome to participate in this new effort.  Our first phone conference is being scheduled for the week of September 14th.  If you are interested in participating please go to our Doodle site at to input times when you would be available. A final time will be selected and posted, along with call-in information, sometime next week to the Sakai Teaching and Learning and Using Sakai mailing lists.  See the for details on subscribing to these lists.

If you have questions, comments of suggestions please email Josh Baron at

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