Are your attachments failing to open?

Attachments can be added to Announcements, Assignments and email messages.

Some people have been confused as to why some site participants are unable to open such attachments so the WebLearn team has been investigating.

In order for a user to see an attachment they must have access to the “root” folder of Resources.

In Resources, if you click on the ‘Permissions’ link near to the top of the main panel you will see a ‘permissions’ grid with roles down the LHS and permissions along the top.

In order to access an attachment, the relevant role must have “read” access.

To demonstrate, if you make an announcement to the whole site and then go into Resources and UN-TICK the ‘Read’ permission along side the ‘Access’ role then Access users WILL NOT be able to open the attachment. Ticking the “read” permission will remedy this situation.

By default all ‘access’ users will have the read permission so things should work fine out of the box.

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