Use WebLearn with students before they arrive

Now that students are supplied with their Oxford SSO credentials before they arrive at University they will be able to access WebLearn in advance of starting their studies. Reading lists and documents can be circulated and formative assessment carried out so that new students are able to ‘hit the ground running’ when they arrive.

A WebLearn site for pre-arrival students could contain the following:

  1. links to other University systems including the libraries
  2. an outline of basic skills that will be needed
  3. an electronic welcome pack containing:
    1. links to departmental resources
    2. link to the Student Union
    3. link to the Newcomer’s Club
    4. links to relevant societies
    5. things to do upon arrival
    6. catch up’ materials (for students who have taken a ‘gap year’)
    7. a link to admissions
    8. information about English language courses (often useful for graduate students)
    9. reading lists
    10. an electronic copy of the handbook
    11. a link to the skills portal
    12. information about tutorials
    13. maps and information about accommodation
  4. an area for new students to converse with their peers; (obviously suitable volunteers must be identified to act as mentors):
    1. a discussion Forum to discuss worries
    2. a wiki with useful info built up by existing students
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