Writing for the web – tips

I attended Stephen Sangar’s excellent session at the recent UAS conference and made some notes. I thought it may be useful to post them here:

  • use a meaningful title in the page head
  • Begin with an introduction AND summary. Moreover, put the conclusion at the start of the document
  • use correctly nested h1 .. h6 headings; users of screen readers will jump from heading to heading to find what they are looking for.
  • use short paragraphs – they’re easier to read
  • if the document is split over multiple pages always put (say) page 3 of 5
  • use meaningful text for hyperlinks, never use “next”, “previous” or “click here”
  • use the title= attribute for hyperlinks
  • put links at the end of a paragraph (or even at the end of a document) otherwise people read a few words then click on a link and never return to your page.
  • identify keywords before you start hen use these words a few times, this will help with search engine ranking. Use these words in the title and h1 .. h6 headings
  • try to link to your page from many places. Concentrate especially on the most important pages in your site. This will also boost search engine rankings.


See how I’ve followed the above advice and placed the links at the end!!

  1. UAS conference
  2. Writing for the web slides
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