The new Site Stats tool

From Nuno Fernandez:

I am very pleased to announce the 2.0 release of SiteStats for Sakai!

SiteStats allows authorized users to view site usage statistics related to user visits, tool activity and resource activity.

SiteStats 2.0 is major rewrite of previous version with several optimizations, a new exciting ajax based UI with powerful reporting options and enhanced tool support. This release incorporates over 70 bugfixes and enhancements! (Release notes)

  • Overview page with summary information presenting most instructor requested information related to site visits, tool activity and resource activity:
    • Simple statistics (e.g., ‘Most active user’, ‘Enrolled users that did not visit site’, ‘Most opened file’, …) New!
    • Expandable area with compact chart and table view with predefined grouping (e.g., ‘By date’, ‘By user’, …) and filtering (e.g., filtering by user role, date, …) options New!
  • Reports page with support for:
    • User-defined reports, per site New!
    • Predefined reports, available on all sites New!
  • Advanced reporting capabilities:
    • Type of activity to report (visits, tool activity, resource activity)
    • Time period to report
    • Target users to report
    • Results grouping capabilities New!
    • Report presentation: table and/or chart New!
    • Printable
    • Exportable (Excel, CSV or PDF)
  • Admin tool capabilities:
    • Browse statistics per site
    • Build predefined reports to be available on all sites New!
    • Build admin reports to report against all sites New!
  • Highly configurable:
    • Use Sakai database or an externally specified database (support for MySQL and Oracle)
    • Aggregate events instantly or on a regular time interval (e.g., once a day)
    • Aggregate events for all sites or only for sites with the SiteStats tool placed
    • And many other configurable options!
  • Other:
    • Support for a large number of tools New!
    • Apache Wicket as rendering engine
    • Automatic event registration for tools implementing Entitybroker Statisticable capability New!
    • Import reports from other sites (Site Info -> Import from site) New!
    • Help contents available (English only) New!
    • Available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Swedish
SiteStats 2.0 release information:

For more information, please consult the SiteStats official page.

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