Whats new in WebLearn 2.6-ox3

New Version of WebLearn Released

Both WebLearn systems were upgraded on 13th April 2010, new WebLearn to 2.6-ox3 and old WebLearn to 2.34.

New WebLearn

New Facilities – The Highlights

  1. Better auto-generated passwords.
  2. Tasks, Tests and surveys now works properly for non site participants.
  3. Podcasts in non public sites can be accessed using Oxford SSO credentials.
  4. Automatically apply WebLearn styles to HTML pages created in Resources.

Bug Fixes

  1. MyWorkspace calendar export now includes dates from a user’s active sites (so long as the calendars themselves have been exported by the site owner).
  2. Announcements made on a public site are now public by default.
  3. Email notifications are now sent when students submit Assignments.
  4. All Site Info tool have been un-hidden and locked (so they can’t be hidden again). This is so that users can always discover who to contact about a site.

Old WebLearn

New Facilities

  1. Improved exporting of content into a zip file.
  2. Improved export of MCQs to enable import into New WebLearn
  3. Ability to mark areas as migrated or archived.

More Information

There is a separate document containing a more detailed list of changes.

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