New Version of WebLearn Released (v2.6-ox4.0)

Apologies for the delay in this announcement!

New WebLearn was upgraded on 20th July 2010,  to 2.6-ox4.0

New Facilities – The Highlights

    1. Users can now become members of ‘Joinable’ sites by simply visiting the site – previously one had to join via the ‘Memberships’ tool in ‘My Workspace’
    2. ‘Tasks, Tests and Surveys’ has been renamed as ‘Tests’
    3. New ‘Survey Beta’ tool added – this tool was previously called ‘Evaluations’ – please note that there are still a few issues with this tool hence its Beta status
    4. oAuth‘ authentication now available for files stored in ‘Resources’
    5. IMS Content Packages of less than 60MB can now be uploaded into Resources via ‘Site Info’ > ‘Import From File’, please note that this is now the preferred export route from Old WebLearn
    6. The ‘fairuse’ copyright link has been changed to point at the JISC Legal website
    7. A number of bug related to the Survey Beta (Evaluations) have been fixed. The release notes contain a more detailed list of Survey Beta bug fixes.

      Deprecated Tools

      Two tools, ‘Blogger’ and ‘Presentations’ will soon not be supported by the Sakai community therefore we have taken the decision to remove them from the tools list.

      More Information

      There is a separate document containing a more detailed list of changes.

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