New Version of WebLearn Released

New WebLearn was upgraded on 1st February 2011 to version 2.6-ox6.1, this includes the delayed  upgrade to the surveys tool. There are more detailed release notes for those who want to know more!


  • Survey tool improvements:
    • one no longer has to close a survey to view the results
    • maintainers & contributors can now respond to a survey if so desired
  • New tool called ‘Oxford Podcasts’ now available, this includes a wizard for browsing and selecting Oxford Podcasts for inclusion on a site
  • Pop-up help added for Student Enrolment System (SES)
  • One can now join / leave a site via Site Info


  • Survey tool bug fixes
    • taking survey after end date but before extension date no longer gives an error
    • prior to publishing a survey, selected sites and groups no longer reports that the survey has ‘0 members’ (unfortunately there are still problems with counting the number of recipients when ad-hoc groups are used)
    • List of questions on a template now refreshes correctly
    • the survey author no longer has to assign the survey to a group if the survey doesn’t require a login
    • when login is required to view survey results, the login page is now displayed
    • it is now clear that an initial notification of a survey is always sent whereas the sending reminders can be configured by the user
    • can now supply SSO username when building an ad hoc group
    • email addresses of users without WebLearn accounts are now shown within ad-hoc groups (instead of internal identifiers)
    • manual reminders can now be sent
    • selecting ‘login to WebLearn’ & supplying an email address with no corresponding WebLearn account as part of an ad hoc group is no longer possible
    • view results page is no longer cached, previously a cached version of the page saying “results not yet available” was seen in error
  • Editing a file using webDAV no longer silently changes group access to a file (this does not apply to Apple Mac users)
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