Using images within a survey

We’ve recently had a question about using images as part of a question in a Survey template.

Question: How do I upload and use a photo as part of  a question on a survey template?

Answer: Click on the ‘image’ icon within the WYSIWYG editor. After clicking on “Browse server” in the ensuing pop-up window, you need to navigate to a site where you have the rights to upload a file. You do this by clicking on the folder icon in the column on the left-hand side and then selecting one of your sites. You must do this as it is not possible to upload a file into the location that is displayed by default.

The best approach is to create a folder within My Workspace and then make it publicly accessible (via the ‘Edit Details’ page). This the folder that will be used to house your images; you may like to make an ‘images’ sub-folder within the public folder; this will keep things neat and tidy.

This approach has the drawback that the images are visible to the general public, but other options are a bit convoluted because, at the template stage, you never really know which users are going to need access to the image.

The general public will only be able to see your images if they know the URL of the public folder but this URL is very obscure and it is almost impossible that anybody would be able to guess it.


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