Launch of new OxFile service

A note from OUCS Systems Development and Support

We are pleased to announce that OxFile, the large file exchange service, is now available for general use:

OxFile is a web service that supports the exchange of large files with people inside and outside of Oxford University, and is fast and simple to use.

We are grateful to everyone who helped test this service, and hope that it will prove useful for people needing to exchange files that are too large to send by email, WebLearn, or SharePoint.

ITSS who wish to read more about the service should visit <>.

At this stage it is hard to predict with much confidence how heavily this service will be used. Accordingly we have given it a substantial initial transfer capacity, but will monitor this closely over the coming days and weeks in case high usage exhausts the storage pool. In this event we will advise ITSS via this list, and make adjustments necessary for continued service.

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