WebLearn upgraded to 2.6-ox8

Release Notes – WebLearn – Version 2.6-ox8 – 12 July 2011

New WebLearn was upgraded on 12th July 2011 to version 2.6-ox8. For more detailed information please looked at the detailed release notes.

General Improvements

  • When sites are copied, a simple search and replace of references to the old site are replaced with references to the new site. In the past links to documents in the new site would point to documents stored within the old site. Note that we have discovered a handful of cases where the reference is not replaced – these will be fixed with release of 2.6-ox8.1.
  • Announcements viewed in Mobile Oxford now include links to attachments
  • The Sign-Up tool has been translated into English – Americanisms have been removed

Surveys Beta

  • There is now a link to ‘My Scales’ – this allows one to create (and consequently reuse) one’s own rating scales
  • Results can now be downloaded when using Internet Explorer
  • Users can now choose whether to send an initial email notification of a survey
  • When adding multiple choice question or multiple answer questions the “rating scale text” from the previous user of the system is no longer displayed
  • The link within an email message to view the results of a survey now works correctly
  • The ‘mouse-over hover text’ for rating scales is now correct
  • A note has been placed at the top of the survey to indicate whether answers may be changed after submission

Reading Lists

  • More books now display availability info – a bug was discovered and fixed
  • The ‘Notes’ field is now shown in the default view since this information is considered to be important.
  • The ‘Edition’ of a book is now shown in the default view since this information is considered to be important.
  • ‘Search Library Catalogue’ now works when using Internet Explorer

SES (Module Sign-up) Tool

  • Module search now works in Internet Explorer 8
  • Course details now have the potential to be displayed to the general public. (This facility is not yet active as departments have to vet their courses first.)
  • Module sign-up from search now works in Internet Explorer 9
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