When do new students get access to WebLearn?

There has been a bit of interest in using WebLearn as a resource to help new students before their arrival in Oxford; I made a blog post about this entitled:
Supporting students before they arrive with WebLearn. I thought it may be helpful to forward a communiqué from the OUCS Registration team.

The process for creating SSO credentials and email addresses for new students is slightly different this year in that details will be emailed, via an automatic job, to the student, as soon as their signed University contract has been processed, they have been Final C’d and their University card record has been created.

This means there wont be a batch creation but students will be issued with usernames and passwords as their paper work is completed. Approx 400, students have been issued with accounts since the Card office began Final C’ing students on 1st July. They will appear in https://register.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itss/unitinfo with a University Card start date of 1-oct-2011.

We are currently putting in a 48 hour delay between creating the account and actually notifying the student, to enable the data to get into all the right places.

For details of the process see: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/registration/itss/sso_for_new_students_2011.xml

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