Removal of “All logged in users” access to sites

We are considering removing the ability to grant “All logged in users” access to a site and want to get feedback from the community before going ahead – note that we will still allow “All Oxford users” to be granted access.

The reasoning is that WebLearn has a fairly large number of “external accounts” i.e., accounts for people who are not members of Oxford University. These people are included when access to a site is given to “All logged in users” but of course are not included when “All Oxford users” is used instead. In short, once an external user has an account they are able to visit all sites that allow access by “All logged in users”.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that these two groups are sometimes equated which means that people with little more than a passing connection to Oxford may be able to view material that should really only be internal.

The problem is magnified if “All logged in users” are given permission to upload material.

If you really do want external users to be able to view your material then you can either make your site totally public or add a specific list of users manually. The central team will still be able to manually assign “All logged in users” access to a site if a good reason is supplied

If we make the change we will automatically replace “All logged in users” access with “All Oxford users” (unless the site already has this set).

Please let us know if this will cause you problems (or if you do not understand what is being proposed) by sending a message to


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