Problems with Reading Lists in sites created from a Template

We have just discovered a problem with Reading Lists in the 3 site templates:

  1. Template for content
  2. Template for tutors
  3. Template for lecturers

It would appear that when a site is copied (duplicated) any Reading List contained within that site is not copied; in other words, the Reading List in the copy of the site is the same ‘physical’ list as that in the original.

To illustrate this simply, if you edit the Reading List in the original site then the Reading List in the copy will also change.

This has severe implications when the site in question has been created from a system-wide site template: all copies made from a particular template contain the same Reading List. If one person edits the Reading List then everybody else’s copy will also change without notification.

As far as we can tell nobody has yet edited a Reading List in a site created from a template.

We have now removed reading lists from the templates so new site created from templates should be safe.

Please get in touch with the WebLearn team if you think this issue affects you or you have any other questions raised by this post.

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