WebLearn and Turnitin courses MT 2012

Come along to learn more about WebLearn, Turnitin and avoiding plagiarism – attend our free half-day courses, byte-sized or lunch-time sessions. Booking is required, using the links provided. Booking opens 30 days in advance – if booking is not yet open for a particular course, you can express an interest and you will receive an email when booking opens.

New! Byte-sized sessions:
WebLearn Bytes: Resources, Week 5, Monday 5 November, 12:30-13.30
WebLearn Bytes: Surveys, Week 5, Thursday 8 November 2.00-3.00  
WebLearn Bytes: Site Info, Week 5, Thursday 8 November 3.00-4.00  
WebLearn Bytes: Assignments, Week 6, Monday 12 November, 12:30-13.30

Half-day courses:
WebLearn: Fundamentals
Wednesday 26 September 9.15-12.15
Tuesday 9 October 9.15-12.15
Thursday 8 November 9.15-12.15
WebLearn: Surveys, Tuesday 23 October 2.00-5.00 
Plagiarism: How to avoid it (for students), Friday 9 November 9.15 – 12.15
Plagiarism: Turnitin Fundamentals, Friday 16 November 9.15-12.15
WebLearn: Making your site work, Friday 23 November 9.15-12.15

Lunch time sessions (all 12:30-13.30):
WebLearn: Using Mobile Oxford,
Week 3, Mon 22 October
Plagiarism: WebLearn and Turnitin, Week 4, Mon 29 October
Plagiarism: Interpreting Originality Reports using Turnitin, Week 7, Mon 19 November

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