Byte sized Assignments tool

Questions and Answers that emerged from the WebLearn Bytes – Assignments session on 12 November 2012:

Q: How do I make Marks and comments visible to students?

A: In Assignments you must return the assignment to the student in order for him or her to see it.

Q: What is the connection between Assignments and the Markbook tool?

A: Maintainers have two options to record and post assignment marks in WebLearn.

  • Add to Markbook lets you mark each student’s work only from the Assignment tool.
  • Associate with existing Markbook entry lets you enter marks using either the Assignment or Markbook tool

Q: One of my students has ‘submitted’ an assignment but forgot to attach their paper. How do I allow them to resend it?

A: When marking an individual student’s assignment, there is a check box to allow resubmission.

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