Byte-sized Resources tool

Hints and tips that emerged from the WebLearn Bytes – Resources session on 5 November 2012:

  1. Top-level permissions ‘cascade down’ to all folders and files in Resources (set ‘top-level’ permissions using the blue link at the top of the Resources tool>
  2. Use Resources > Actions > Edit Details (Properties) to make a folder/file publicly viewable, or to restrict a folder/file to an internal sub-group
  3. Use Resources > Actions > Edit Details (Properties) to add a description of a folder or file – this description is helpful in the Access View (see no. 7 below)
  4. You must first create at least one internal sub-group (Site Info > Manage Subgroups) before you can restrict a folder or file to a sub-group
    — You must first add participants to the site (Site Info > Add Participants) before you can assign them to an internal sub-group
  5. Use Resources > Add Reading List to create a reading list by linking to the Solo catalogue and/or Google Scholar (> Import into WebLearn)
  6. Use Resources > Create HTML Page to build any HTML page; design an HTML page to organise content and enhance layout and navigation for your site users
  7. Create an ‘Access View’ (‘Smart View’) for your users to browse Resources (Actions > Make Web Content Link); then hide the Resources tool itself (Site Info > Page Order)
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