WebLearn courses and course books

In the early days of ‘New WebLearn’, we were in the fortunate position to be able to sponsor the cost of all WebLearn courses, including the course books. Now that the service is no longer new, we are unable to continue this arrangement.

In keeping with the model employed by the IT Learning Programme for all their courses, the WebLearn Fundamentals course will still be offered free of charge, although course books will no longer be provided at no cost. Instead, the booklets will be available for reference during the face-to-face course, and will be available for sale at cost price (£5). Of course, the booklets are available online and can always be downloaded from the ITLP Portfolio (http://portfolio.it.ox.ac.uk/).

All other three-hour WebLearn courses will be charged at £9 per person, to cover some costs involved in the delivery of face-to-face sessions, including a copy of the printed course book.

All lunch-time sessions, including the popular WebLearn Bytes sessions, will continue to be free. Where relevant, handouts of the slideshow may be provided, free of charge.

WL Fundamentals

The same arrangements apply to Turnitin courses: See the blog post: Turnitin courses and course books.

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