WebLearn Bytes: Assignments – MT 2013

The following tips emerged from the lunch time session WebLearn Bytes: Assignments on 12 November 2013:

  1. If you are using Assignments with the Markbook tool, do all assignment creation, editing, marking and removal  in the Assignments tool. You must make any changes to settings, as well as any grade changes, in the Assignments tool. The Markbook tool simply collects the marks automatically ‘behind the scenes’.
  2. Although you can choose letter grades, points, pass/fail, tick mark, or unmarked assignments when creating an assignment, if you are using Markbook, then you need to set the marking system in Assignments to Points; this is the only marking system that enables calculations to take place in the Markbook.
  3. Marks you assign for an individual assignment do not display in the Markbook (even for the instructor) until you release the grades or return a grade to a student from the Assignments tool.

Useful links:
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