How to display WebLearn within a Power Point slide

People often like to browse WebLearn from within a PowerPoint presentation.

Generally this is done by adding a hyperlink or maybe by just breaking out of the presentation and switching to a web browser, however, it is actually really easy to embed a web browser (and hence WebLearn) within a slide.

Here’s the recipe for PowerPoint 2010.

Step 1: Enable Developer Ribbon (in File > Options > Customize Ribbon)


Step 2: Add Microsoft Web Browser to a slide (Developer > More Controls > Microsoft Web Browser)


Step 3: Add a macro (Developer > Visual Basic), then click on the given slide


Step 4: Paste the following into the edit window (assuming it is Slide1 that being developed)

Sub go2URL ()
   Dim varURL as Variant
   varURL = ""
   Slide1.WebBrowser1.Navigate varURL
End Sub


Step 5: Add an Action Button (Insert > Shapes > Action Button) &


Step 6: Opt to run the go2URL macro upon mouse click


Step 7:  Save as .PPTM file (macro-enabled PowerPoint file)


During the slide show, the presenter must click on the Action Button to bring WebLearn onto the slide.

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