A recipie to display a Google Calendar in WebLearn

It is quite easy to surface a Google Calendar within WebLearn – you may want to do this if you find that the default WebLearn calendar doesn’t quite do what you want. The Conference of Colleges use this approach, they have decided to use the “Agenda View” rather than the more traditional view.

confoHere is what you could do – this will create a link in the LHS “page menu” which is a web page displaying your calendar.

1/ Create a Google calendar – you may like to create a new Google account which you share amongst your colleagues so that if you’re off, somebody else can update the calendar.

2/ Add one or two events but don’t add everything just in case you decide the abandon this approach.

3/ Click on “Share this calendar” in the drop down list next to the calendar name (LHS of the page), select “Make this calendar public”.


4/ Back in WebLearn, in the Resources tool (in a folder if you like) create a new HTML page which will be called “calendar.html”.

5/ Click on “Source” (top left) then by following the instructions on this page: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/41207?hl=en grab the embed code for your Google calendar (click on “Calendar settings” alongside the calendar then copy the HTML code in the “embed this calendar” row. (By default, the size is 800 x 600 – you can change these dimensions if you like.)



6/ Paste this code into the WebLearn HTML page that you’re editing then save and give the page a name.

7/ Alongside the file in Resources select “Make Web Content Link” from the “Actions Menu” – call this link “Schedule” (or Calendar) and save. There will now be a link in the LHS “page menu”, you can use Site Info > Page Order to move the link’s position in the list.

8/ You can now edit the calendar.html  page to add some explanatory text and if everything is good, return to your Google calendar and add all your events.

If you want to use the agenda view then have a read of this page: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/make-embedded-google-calendar-show-agenda-28685.html

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