Sakai Teaching and Learning Initiatives

This is taken from the latest Sakai newsletter:

Following work at the 2010 Sakai Conference in Denver, the Sakai Teaching and Learning (T&L) group has identified priority initiatives for the upcoming year. During the year leading up to the 2011 Sakai Conference in Berlin, the T&L group will focus on the following four

  1. Continuing leadership of the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award
  2. Continuing advancement of the learning capabilities design lenses
  3. Sharing best practices and resources for the use of Sakai for distance learning
  4. Increasing student engagement in the Sakai community
  5. Structurally, the T&L group has formed an initiative group for each of these categories that will meet on a regular basis. The full T&L group will hold a call together each month to share progress across the initiatives. (Please see minutes from the August 2010 call.)

Each quarter, the T&L group will also host a virtual community gathering to share the work that has been accomplished on these initiatives and to create opportunities for discussion, feedback and additional input.

Please mark Thursday, September 9 at 5:00pm EST on your calendar for the first T&L community gathering.

The T&L group page in Confluence has been updated with information about the initiatives. The T&L group has also created a calendar in Confluence that includes all group meeting dates.

All initiative groups are seeking broader engagement from across the Sakai community.

If you would like to participate in or monitor the work of an initiative group, there is a Confluence page, a mail list, and a regular tele-conference for each group. The Confluence page for the T&L group includes links to all of the initiatives, and is a great place start in gaining information about all T&L group activities.

Please consider identifying at least one individual on your campus to participate in the T&L group. It is a very welcoming group that is doing important work not only sharing best practices in teaching and learning, but also in helping to define the future direction of Sakai.

Kim Thanos

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