Call for Participation – WebLearn Polls via m.ox (Mobile Oxford)

Have you ever wished your students could respond in class using personal voting systems (‘clickers’), but never quite got around to trying it? Well now you don’t need any special technology – the students can answer questions on their internet-enabled phones, and learn from each other while sharing phones, if necessary.

OUCS has launched Mobile Oxford ( (beta) which allows anyone with an internet-enabled mobile phone to access Oxford podcasts, certain WebLearn tools, or information on library holdings, bus times and the weather (amongst other things).

We are running a pilot project using the WebLearn Polls tool via the mobile platform, to enhance and support student learning.

Are you interested (or could you recommend any lecturers in your dept/division) in participating in our pilot project using the WebLearn Polls tool via student mobile phones during a lecture or small class? Please follow this link if you would like to participate in the pilot project:


This will enable you to join the Mobile Polls Pilot site in WebLearn and keep up to date with developments.

A prize will be offered for the person who gets the most people to respond via a mobile phone to a single poll in Hilary term. We will collaborate with all participants in the pilot project to write up your case study for the OUCS collection of teaching and learning case studies, as well as for possible inclusion in the next JISC book of case studies documenting innovative practice.


  1. m.ox
  2. m.ox phone interface (preview)
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