Survey tool now available


The WebLearn Survey tool (released as a Beta) can be used to design and manage electronic questionnaires to be delivered on-line. Surveys can be created to gather data for research purposes, general data gathering, or for course, lecturer or tutor evaluation, feedback and review.

Questionnaire templates can be created from scratch, or existing templates can be copied and modified. Various question types are available, such as Lickert scales, multiple choice with a single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, and free text questions. Detailed settings control open and close dates, how participants access the survey, and who may view the results.


  1. Surveys Step-By-Step guide
  2. Surveys  Least You Need To Know Guide
  3. Reserve a space  on the “WebLearn: Surveys” course
  4. Survey tool case study
  5. Comparison of survey tools
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