Sakai 2011 Conference Information

The Sakai Foundation is pleased to share the initial information and call for presentations for the Sakai 2011 conference in Los Angeles. All conference information will be added to as it becomes available.

The growth in projects, partners, adoption and engagement in the Sakai community creates an opportunity to have a remarkable conference this year. Yet as you can imagine, the move from Berlin to Los Angeles has compressed the timeline of conference preparations.  Achieving this is going to require a community effort. If we can each make a small contribution to the success of the conference and meet the deadlines, it will be a tremendously successful event that is beneficial to everyone involved. Please take a few minutes to review the information and deadlines below.

We would also like to emphasize that the invitation to participate in the Los Angeles conference, like all Sakai conferences, is a global invitation. The geographic range of our organizations creates a rich perspective and experience that is core to the Sakai community and central to our success. In addition to participating in local Sakai events, please consider joining the community in Los Angeles.

Request for Presentation Suggestions

As a new addition to our process this year we are seeking information from conference participants about the session content that they would most like to see included in the program. What sessions would you like to hear? What topics do you hope to have covered? Our hope is that community members will share topics and ideas, and review this list to get ideas for presentation submissions. If you are attending the conference, please share your content requests. If you are willing to present, please consider the requests as you are formulating your presentation proposal. This information can be submitted and reviewed immediately.

Call for Presentation Proposals

We are requesting proposals for conference sessions, pre-conference workshops, birds of a feather topics, and showcases/tech demos. Please consider sharing your expertise in a formal session, or an informal discussion or demo.

Registration and Lodging

Registration will open on April 1. This timeframe is driven by a need to define the pre-conference sessions prior to opening registration. If we are able to get through this process more quickly, I will send a message to the list with that information. You may book a room with the conference rate immediately.

As we begin the process of gathering and reviewing presentation content I would like to acknowledge the conference committee that is contributing significant time to bring this together: Chair-Chuck Powell (Yale University), Brian Dashew (Marist College), Bruce Sandhorst (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Debbie Smith (Concentra), Ian Dolphin (Sakai Foundation), Jenn Cummings (Concentra), John Lewis (Unicon, Jasig), Joel Thierstein (Rice University, Connexions), Kate Ellis (Indiana University), Kim Eke (UNC Chapel Hill),  Kim Thanos (Sakai Foundation), Lance Speelman (Indiana University) Lynn Ward (IUPUI), Lucy Appert (New York University), Mara Hancock (UC Berkeley, Opencast), Michelle Ziegmann (UC Berkeley, Opencast), Mary Miles (Sakai Foundation), Mathieu Plourde (University of Delaware), Rob Coyle (Johns Hopkins University), Trent Batson (AAEEBL), and Doug Johnson (University of Florida).


Kim Thanos

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