Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2012

Each year the Sakai Foundation runs a competition to recognise and promote innovation in using Sakai (WebLearn at Oxford) for teaching and learning. The winners have travel expenses and conference registration paid to attend and present their innovations at the Sakai USA Conference in June 2012.

Online entry will be available from 1 January 2012, and the closing date for submissions is 2 March. The WebLearn team encourages you to consider submitting an entry and is happy to provide assistance.

Here is the announcement from the chair of the organising committee:

“The intent of the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) is to recognize excellence in teaching and learning. Each year, since the first call for entries in 2008, educators from institutions around the world submit their courses in the annual competition. An innovative course or educational experience is defined as one that, by design, engages and challenges students, resulting in greater student interest, a deeper level of understanding and/or a lasting change in the students’ perception of an issue or topic. Of course, as this is a Sakai award, the innovation must be implemented within a Sakai instance.

Though technology is an important part of the evaluation process, the award is about more than simply using new technologies; rather it is an approach to teaching and learning that results in a much-enhanced, even transformative, educational experience for students.

The major goals of the TWSIA are:

  • To promote excellent pedagogy and innovation in teaching and learning
  • To create a community of educators who want to share teaching and learning practices
  • To encourage greater faculty involvement in the Sakai community

The award has provided for winners to receive travel expenses and registration to the Sakai conference, and a responsibility to present their award winning course to the Sakai community so that other teaching and learning faculty and staff/administrators may learn from their excellent work.”

Please contact the WebLearn team if you would like to express an interest in submitting an entry.

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