OxCAP Project: All about XCRI

The OxCAP project is a JISC funded initiative which will provide an XCRI-CAP XML feed of graduate training opportunities at Oxford.

When complete, this will mean that graduate students will have a ‘one-stop-shop’ (in WebLearn) of available training modules with a search facility and links to book a place.

This is how JISC describe XCRI-CAP:

“XCRI-CAP is the UK standard for describing course marketing information. It shows how to structure the information, defines and names the data components and specifies the types of data permitted within each component. Its purpose is to enable information about courses and other kinds of learning opportunity to be shared efficiently between the computerised information systems used by learning providers and organisations collecting, aggregating and publishing information about courses. It is recommended by the UK government and is generally applicable across all sectors of UK education and training.”

JISC have provided a video explaining all about XCRI-CAP: http://vimeo.com/36233873

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