WebLearn User Group Talks Now Available

We have uploaded recordings of all the talks from the latest WebLearn User Group (HT2012).

  • Jill Fresen (WebLearn Team): Introduction
  • Damion Young and Jon Mason (Medical Sciences Learning Technologies): Adapting WebLearn for the Biomedical Sciences programme, and other tips from MSD
  • Lettitia Derrington (Administrator, Continuing Education): Supporting Continuing Education programmes and modules using WebLearn
  • Fawei Geng (WebLearn team): Templates available for building a WebLearn site. Note WL templates are now public and available for perusal on WL Guidance site > select Showcase > Template sites
  • Adam Marshall (WebLearn Team): WebLearn Update
  • Stephen Eyre (ITLP team): How to use Audacity to record and upload audio content and feedback into WebLearn.

These can be listened to at

or you can subscribe to rhe RSS feed found at

Podcasts of many of the previous WLUG presentations are also available.

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