WebLearn OxTALENT Winners

Yesterday saw the annual OxTALENT awards held in OUCS and as usual the standard of entries submitted to the WebLearn categories were very high.

There were two separate categories for WebLearn ‘Use of WebLearn to support a course or programme of study‘ and ‘Use of WebLearn beyond a single course or group‘.

For those that missed the event there is an interesting blog item where you can read about all about the OxTALENT 2012 WebLearn winners.

OxTALENT winners are invited to attend the termly OxTALENT committee meetings and automatically go forward to the Oxford University teaching awards. See last year’s list in the Gazette: http://www.ox.ac.uk/media/global/wwwoxacuk/localsites/gazette/documents/Teaching_Awards_2011.pdf

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