WebLearn now has a Short URL facility

We have had many complaints about the length of URLs for items stored within Resources. A common problem is that the URLs get split when included in email messages.

The URL of a site (or tool within a site) can also become pretty long for sites which lie deep within the site hierarchy.

Because of this we have added the ability to generate a ‘Short URL’ in a number of places within WebLearn. We plan to add more instances of this facility in the future.

If the URL is to be pasted into an email message then it is still good practice to enclose it in angle brackets, for example <https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/x/t1k1>

Short URLs for files in Resources

To locate the Short URL for a file or folder within Resources, navigate to the ‘Edit Details’ page.

Then select the ‘Short URL’ facility and copy the address.

Short URLs for sites and tools within a site

Every page within a site also has a short URL. This is found just underneath the ‘My Active Sites’ drop down list.

As before, place a tick in the Short URL box and copy the address.

Future plans

We hope to add short URLs to the SES (Module Enrolment) tool and the Wiki. Other suggestions are gratefully received.

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