Proposed Reading List Tool Improvements

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Developing an Online Reading List Management System [ORLiMS] at the Bodleian Social Science Library

orlimsThe Bodleian Social Science Library [SSL] has applied for and received an award from the University of Oxford IT Innovation Group to support the creation and development of an online reading list management system [ORLiMS] for Social Sciences. This is one of four ideas that have recently benefitted from the ‘IT Innovation Seed Fund’ which has been set up to finance digital projects that can increase or enhance access to collections held by ASUC departments and/or help to create a digital community within the University.

Reading lists are fundamental to the majority of students and course convenors within the Social Sciences Division, as it offers eight undergraduate programmes and over 80 taught postgraduate courses. Purchasing resources for taught courses is a core service at the SSL, which currently supports more than 450 reading lists. This project seeks to improve the existing processes of reading list delivery and subsequent library provision, and ultimately improve student learning by enhancing access to the literature they need to read to excel in their courses.

The ORLiMS will benefit students, course convenors and library staff alike, as it will facilitate access to library resources and optimise the SSL’s purchasing activity. The system will provide a central location for students to access their reading lists. It will provide real-time information on the location and availability of texts, and a convenient place for teaching staff to update their course content. The system will also indicate where the provision of particular texts is low, informing the library’s decisions on purchasing additional copies.

This is a pilot project using reading lists received by the SSL from the academic departments it supports for courses running in Michaelmas Term 2015. It can be seen as a proof-of-concept with the potential for wider adoption across the University.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the project then please contact us via:

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