SHOAL promotes discovery and connections

SunsetGroupDiscoverability and connectivity are core to the SHOAL project’s aims.

Digital learning activities will be discoverable through the new SHOAL portal currently being developed by Matthew Buckett and Adam Marshall within Weblearn.  Resources will be tagged with Learning Object Metadata such as the type of activity, interactivity, and subject, so that you can identify the resources that are most relevant to you.  We are testing the portal with a small number of resources, but welcome information on others, particularly in STEM subjects.  If you use digital tools to enhance face-to-face teaching or online courses, or know someone who does, please get in touch.

SHOAL will also promote connectivity, helping you to feel part of a new generation of educators and learners using digital resources at Oxford.  The portal will connect educators who wish to incorporate digital resources into their teaching, and students who want to find helpful resources for revision and discussion.  We have been testing the mock-up and need volunteers to put it through its paces.  We anticipate opening it up to willing students and teachers to trial in February, and we would love to hear from you if you want to try the portal and become part of a community of digital education enthusiasts.

You can contact us on our new SHOAL project email:

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