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Autumn 2015 round

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Virtually all existing and potential students own a smart phone which they carry with them constantly, and for most it provides their primary access to the internet.

Currently it is not easy to publish mobile content to end users.  It typically involves a significant cost to develop bespoke apps and an extended period of review before these are listed in app stores.

We propose a platform to allow people to quickly and easily publish content and functionality to users of smartphones and other mobile devices.

We believe a significantly simplified content creation system for mobile will drive an increase in the content published online and by targeting mobile devices the published content will be as inclusive as possible.

Our team has significant experience in delivering mobile applications, content management systems and bespoke development which we believe we can leverage to successfully deliver this platform.

We have also identified key stakeholders in Student Outreach, Student Digital Experience and Counselling Service we would like to engage to ensure the platform delivers as much value to the University as possible.

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