Interactomy – An interactive app for anatomy teaching and learning

IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Odhran O’Donohuge

Student round 2016/17

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Interactomy is an app-based game that imagines the human body as a digital “Lego set” – one where you get points for assembling the body piece-by-piece. Interactomy lets students take a “bottom-up” approach to learning instead of a “top-down” approach: instead of showing students thousands of anatomical structures as soon as they start the app, it starts them with one anatomical structure and lets them add in other anatomical structures. This lets the student learn at their own speed. This bottom-up approach also allows students to easily visualize the different layers of the human body.
This “learn-by-assembly” technology can be applied in other areas of medical education, and many other subjects and disciplines. While Interactomy is our first planned project, if it is successful, we intend to launch a range of other learn-by-assembly educational resources
As well as mobile use, Interactomy will be built with VR use in mind: the app will be built to run on full-size desktops as well as phones and tablets. This will allow my team to create a version of the app that supports VR. Interactomy is a project that is supported by both the current and former heads of anatomy teaching at the Oxford Medical Sciences Teaching Centre – who will be providing advisory roles on the project. The application is also supported by the MSTC IT department.
A video explaining Interactomy’s features can be found via

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