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IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Andrew Barnes

Hilary round 2015

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This project will develop a mobile and web app that enables students, tutors, lecturers, administration and other members of the Oxford community to create digital collaboration spaces called ‘Groups’. These Groups will facilitate efficient collaboration with low barriers. The primary features are:

  • Any user could sign up (perhaps integrate with Oxford’s SSO if possible) and create a ‘Group’.
  • Other users can then join this group (either as a public group or through the code). You can imagine on Week 1 or via an initial welcome email an instructor noting that course discussion will occur on the app and to enter a code to access it.
  • Posts within a group can be tagged.
  • When a post is made there might be the option to have ‘Hidden Responses’ or ‘Anonymous Replies’
  • Posts can use a rich text editor (so videos and images can be included) and potentially some simple widgets (e.g. a quiz / poll tool).
  • Posts can be ‘Liked/Voted for/+1’.

The features proposed for the application will facilitate a variety of use cases including these examples:

  • Lecturer asking students to submit questions on readings each week. This could be done ahead of the seminar or have questions being submitted in realtime during the seminar.
  • Lecturer asking students what they didn’t understand in the session using the ‘Anonymous Replies’ tool.
  • Using this during guest seminars to capture questions from the audience on the fly.
  • Students organising their own Group(s) for taking notes on a class. Potentially all typing into the same Wiki in realtime to capture notes.
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