Online Reading List Management System (ORLiMS)

IT Innovation ChallengesStaff project based in Bodleian Social Science Library

Michaelmas 2014 round

For more information, see ORLiMS – completed project (blog post) and


Our Project Team based at the Bodleian Social Science Library (SSL), in collaboration with colleagues on the WebLearn Team at IT Services, are creating an Online Reading List Management System (ORLiMS). The purpose of the Project is to make improvements to the existing processes of reading list creation and maintenance, and library provision and purchasing of reading list texts. Through this, we hope to improve student learning through more effective and convenient access to the literature they need to read to excel in their courses.

The ORLiMS will benefit course convenors, students and library staff alike, as it will both facilitate students’ access to existing library resources (both printed and electronic) and optimise the value of the Library’s purchasing of new materials. Furthermore, it will build stronger communicative and collaborative links between the departments, the Bodleian Libraries and the students we support by engaging all these groups from the outset to establish their priorities for essential and desirable features to include in the new tool.

The project will take the form of a pilot, focussing on reading lists received by the SSL from the academic departments it supports for modules running in Michaelmas Term 2015. The success of the project will act as a proof-of-concept with the potential for wider adoption of such a tool across the University.

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