OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform

IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Anita Paz

2015/2016 round

See also OAR patform: http://www.oarplatform.com/ and  OAR: new project (project blog post)

For more information, please contact innovations@it.ox.ac.uk


We will create an online platform that will exemplify new and experimental ways of participating in knowledge production. It will publish and respond to content about practice-based research. Practice-based research can be broadly understood as knowledge arising from practice (such as artistic processes and field work), and is often demonstrated through a creative approach to using and combining media, such as images, music, design, film and so on. This approach, long used in artistic fields, is being used across many different disciplines, yet there remain few channels for its publication, especially in an interdisciplinary way.

Working with a website designer, we will tailor a digital platform to the specific challenges of authoring and distributing content which explores creative processes. Our four key objectives are (1) to give a public face to practice-based research (2) to promote feedback, response and dialogue among researchers (3) to encourage inter- and cross-disciplinary exchange (4) to enable the University of Oxford to lead in the area of practice-based research, and build on its reputation of research innovation.

The web platform will have two key components: An online journal delivered on the website twice a year, showcasing exemplary works that demonstrate or critically interrogate practice-based research; and a more open and generative research space, where content will be uploaded regularly, and users will have the opportunity to provide timely feedback (to foster this dialogue, we will directly commission some responses). The publication of the online journal will provide content to inspire response and dialogue in the experimental section.

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