New Project: Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform (OAR)

By Anita Paz, Jessyca Hutchens, Naomi Vogt and Nina Wakeford

Our project will create a new online publishing platform for practice based researchers at Oxford University and beyond. The aim of the Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform (OAR) is to link up and provide an online space for academics engaged in this form of research. Practice-based research can be broadly understood as knowledge arising from practice (such as artistic processes and field work), and is often demonstrated through a dynamic or creative approach to using and combining media, including, images, music, design, film, performance. Currently, most of the avenues for publishing this research are focused on art practice. Our platform will showcase the great range of innovative approaches being employed across the disciplines, treating practice based research as an epistemological category, and bringing researchers together.

Our web platform will have two key components: an online issue delivered on the website twice a year, showcasing exemplary works that demonstrate or critically interrogate practice-based research; and a more open and generative research space, where content will be uploaded regularly, and which will allow us to showcase works across different media, evolving works and works-in-progress, and create an avenue for timely feedback and response. The publication of the issues will provide content to inspire response and dialogue in the more open, experimental section. We will launch the platform later this year with an Issue O, themed around the idea of ‘Response’, and follow this with the publication of Issue 1, around the theme ‘Sites of Research.’ We are currently seeking potential contributors, collaborators, and people to join our research network.

Updates about our progress will be posted regularly on our Facebook group:

You can follow us on Twitter:

We are hosting an information session (with refreshments) for interested researchers on May 10 2016, at Wadham College, LSK A, 5 – 6:30pm. Join the event page below:

UPDATE: The OAR platform is now available:

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