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Hilary round 2015

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Contrary to what might be expected in our so-called “digital era,” printed book sales are actually on the rise and even vinyl records are making a surprising comeback. The combined physical media in peoples’ homes represent a formidable vault of knowledge and culture, yet this treasure largely remains behind locked doors because there is no existing way to make it accessible.

Evershelf is a streamlined cataloguing solution that solves this problem by enabling users to create a virtual copy of their physical shelves that is searchable, much like a library catalogue. Virtual shelves can be browsed digitally and shared; searching for an item, therefore, returns not only results on your own shelves, but also on friends’ shelves that have been shared with you, or on publicly shared shelves in your area. By connecting people through their collections, Evershelf aims to build the world’s largest lending library, starting here in Oxford.

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