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Michaelmas 2014 round

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It is very easy to avoid learning about new technology, digital teaching methods, social media, etc., especially if you have been doing quite well without it for years.  And it can be incredibly daunting!

‘Join In’ will make learning about tech easy, appealing, and relevant; the sessions clearly demonstrating how technology could help staff in their role or their personal life.

The Innovation Fund is supporting a prototype of ‘Join In’ which is based in the Academic IT Services. The team will run ‘Join In’ for an audience drawn from across a University unit, in or near to their place of work. The tailored approach of ‘Join In’, together with the non-traditional learning environment and informal teaching methods, should help to form communities around this new digital awareness and realise other longer term benefits. ‘Join In’ is inspired by ‘Computer Club’, run for the staff of the Imperial War Museums.

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