Virtual Reality Oxford Network – Bringing together people, knowledge and resources related to VR

IT Innovation ChallengesStudent project led by Mattia Montanari

Student round 2016/17

For more and updated information, please see the ‘Oxford X-Reality Hub’ website


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are emerging technologies that add a new layer to the real world. The products on the AV/VR market have a high level of technological innovation and were designed either in research laboratories on by people with higher level of education. The University of Oxford is indeed a perfect environment for creating AV/VR products, but it needs to provide support. This project aims to create a network to support, at this crucial time, students, members of staff and researchers with innovative ideas.
The AV/VR market, which grew by 85% between 2015 and 2016 reaching $5.2 billion worldwide[1], has launched a myriad of industrial and research actives in the UK. For example, the University launched serval spin-off companies and in future new generations of students might require courses focusing on AR and VR.
However, we found that AR/VR enthusiasts in Oxford are disconnected from one another. They work independently and independently attract funding. This causes delays and waste of resources. Instead, what other universities have, is a structured network with a unique point of reference that promotes: exchange of information, launch of start-ups and multi-disciplinary collaboration.
This project will set up an open network to facilitate internal communication and external outreach. We will connect those with innovative ideas and those with hardware, and we will support the development of pilot projects. The generated know-how will remain available, paving the way for future projects and providing better understanding of what kind of support researchers need from the University.
[1] ‘Worldwide Revenues for Augmented and Virtual Reality Forecast to Reach $162 Billion in 2020’, [Online]. [Accessed: 10-Apr-2017].

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