ShOAL: Sharing online activities for learning

(was OxPortal: Oxford Portal to On-line Resources for Teaching and Learning)

IT Innovation Challenges
Staff project based in the Department of Zoology

2015/16 round

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The OxPORTAL project (Oxford Portal to Online Resources for Teaching And Learning) will enhance online learning at Oxford by making it easier for staff to incorporate existing Oxford resources into their teaching. We will add a new dimension toWebLearn by developing a portal which allows users to search for relevant resources, either as learners (staff and students) or teachers (academic staff, post-docs and graduate students). Working with academics across MPLS departments, Museums and OUP, we will identify and create re-usable digital resources for STEMsubjects. Learners will benefit from on-demand access to materials for independent study, and participation in an multidisciplinary learning community. Teachers will be able to import resources into their ownWebLearn sites, adapt them if they wish, and connect with colleagues enthusiastic about online learning. The project will explore and develop models of access that allow fee-paying and copyrighted resources to be shared in a financially sustainable way. By facilitating access to the wealth of bespoke online learning and digital STEMresources in Oxford, OxPORTAL will support the University’s world class teaching in novel and effective ways, inspiring its staff to adopt the latest technologies, and reaching out to an even greater and more diverse global audience.

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