Embedding Innovative use of Wikimedia across the University

IT Innovation ChallengesStaff project based in the Bodleian Libraries.

Spring 2016 round

For more information, see  Wikipedia:GLAM/Oxford or watch the TEDx talk by project manager Martin Poulter.
Contact via innovations@it.ox.ac.uk


Despite a historical distrust of the use of Wikipedia in Higher Education, recent years have shown increasing popularity for the free, open online encyclopaedia and its related projects (collectively known as Wikimedia). Despite this, academics and students who frequently use the site are usually unaware of what is going on “under the bonnet”: quality reviews, user contribution records, and especially the various sister-projects including Wikidata, Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons. They are often unaware that Wikipedia articles get orders of magnitude higher readership than scholarly publications. Most importantly, they are unaware of how Wikimedia sites could be a pathway to impact for their work, or a teaching tool to develop digital literacy skills. Through the development of a new series of workshops and exemplar innovative applications, this project aims to create a step change in the way that Wikimedia is perceived and applied to academic practice at the University of Oxford.

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