Frameworks: the Oxford Mobile Career Planner

IT Innovation ChallengesStaff project based in the Humanities Division

Hilary round 2015

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What if tracking how your career is developing could be easy and useful? Whether you’re one of Oxford’s 10,000 graduate students, or its nearly 12,000 members of staff, Frameworks will help you to reflect on the skills you’re developing. It will be the first tool of its kind to take advantage of the mobile, smartphone format, thereby enabling you to do this on-the-fly. So the moment you’ve finished a training course, or reached a research milestone, or started a new collaborative venture (the list goes on…) you will be able to chart how you are evolving as a professional, and to get a clear sense of what exciting next steps you can take, all using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework. And when you come to write your next CV, you will be able to generate a custom report so that you can simply paste-in your latest, most relevant skill profile.

Frameworks will be invaluable for training providers across the University, too: at the end of any session facilitators can simply ask students present to open the app and update their profile. It will be a quick and easy enough process to encourage our researchers to think often about their futures as professionals, and providers will be able to get an overview of what their programme participants are doing, thereby becoming better able to plan future provision. And we will be leading the way at Oxford by doing all of this before anyone else in the world.

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