Shortlisted ideas : IT Innovation Challenges 2017 student round

The 2017 student round of the IT Innovation Challenges saw 47 ideas submitted – a record for the scheme. The IT Innovation panel have completed the first round of evaluations and selected 15 ideas to go through to the next stage. The idea creators are now invited to work up their idea into a project proposal and present this to the panel in early May. The panel will decide on what projects to fund shortly after this.

The shortlisted projects are (in no particular order):

  • Sustainable software development with Git and Gitlab – Pilot the development of a coding-culture and to deliver “coaching-kits”
  • Broaden  – Enable Oxford students to see the titles of lectures outside of their own subject
  • Studious: The Networked Knowledge Platform – Transforming the simple reading list into a collaborative environment for organizing and producing knowledge
  • Virtual Sampling Meadow – An interactive tool for anyone wanting to sample Oxford’s virtual meadow
  • Clinical Research Data Management Toolkit – An online tool facilitating the design of a data management (DM) strategy for clinical research
  • Oxford Indoor mApp – Give you turn-by-turn navigation to Seminar, Workshop, Toilets in every building
  • Oxford App ‘n’ Go – An interactive and real-time tour app for future might-be students
  • Sanctum: The Oxford Workplace Finder – A visually engaging and simple way to find the best place to work in Oxford
  • Scholarship Academy. Scholarship Planning Resource – A digital academy connecting disadvantaged students to content on the application process
  • Learmapp – An App that helps learners navigate abundant learning resources
  • Responsive Mood Journal/Peer Support Access – Interactive and responsive mood journal
  • Marginalia – Audio and video annotation tool for the lifelong learner
  • Arab Spring Digital Media Archive – Online repository of digital ‘artifacts’ from the revolutions and uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa between 2011 and today
  • Interactomy – An interactive app for anatomy teaching and learning
  • Virtual Reality Oxford Lab – Building the first VR Oxford University community

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in the Challenge. We will keep you updated on progress in this blog.

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